Amityville boyJohn G. Jones was a musician, composer, and producer — Australian by birth, in America by choice — when he first met George and Kathy Lutz. Almost against his will, they persuaded him to tell the continuing story of what happened to the family from Amityville, New York after they escaped the most evil haunted house of the twentieth century.

He wrote a series of harrowing and revealing novels about the evil that escaped from Amityville and continued to plague them for years. He became an internationally renowned, best-selling author in North America, Europe, and around the world.

And then … he disappeared.

For more than thirty years. John G. Jones has lived in the shadows, continuing his work, helping those who have been attacked by the Evil he first encountered in Amityville. But why? What made him retreat?

John sat down with AmitvyilleNow.com recently and explained just a little of what has happened to him in the last three decades.

“After I finished my book Amityville Horror: The Return,” he told us, “I wrote a book that was not in the Amityville series. Then I purposely removed myself from the public eye. I did it partly to protect myself and others from harassment of many kinds, including some that put innocent people at risk, and so that I could spend time with associates I had met during my research for the Amityville Horror books — researching, discovering and uncovering knowledge of things related to the world of the paranormal.”

Some of his secrets have been revealed in his Light Warrior series, beginning with The Jones Journal. now on sale. And he admits, this is only the beginning. 

“At this time, I plan to reveal more about these past years in subsequent books in the series,” he told us. “But after many years I have decided it’s time to set the record straight on the story of the Lutzes after they left Amityville, to continue writing books and screenplays regarding them and to write other books on the paranormal, some of which I am now planning as major movies and others as a TV series based on The Light Warriors series. I am also currently pursuing deals for a series of graphic novels and video games, among other things.”

It’s still difficult to find John G. Jones. He doesn’t make public appearances, and he’s just begun to grant interviews. But he has returned. And his secrets have just begun to come to light…

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