busanEvery time we think the zombie trope has finally run its course, something like Train to Busan comes along, and we’re reminded there’s still some activity left in the old corpse yet.

Check out this trailer. Things happen fast on the train, and they don’t stop happening. The zombies look to be your standard fast-moving maniacs at first, but — as in all the best dead-folks-walking iterations — it’s the humans that pose a far greater threat. Add the normal glut of bravery, cowardice, fear and rage, ratchet it up to 70 mph (how fast is that in kilometers?), and something exciting and terrifying happens.

Train to Busan s the work of writer/director Sang-ho Yeon, and though it seems impossible, this is his first live-action feature (he’s been an anime director up ’til now). It premiered in the U.S. briefly this summer; it’s currently unavailable in VOD or anywhere else, and there are rumors it’ll be out on October 28. We’ll keep an eye out for it. Meanwhile, watch the trailer and put it on your “Watch When It Gets Here” list …


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