Reviews of John G. Jones and his work

“Even more readable and horrifying than its distinguished predecessor–it’s a chillingly told bestseller.”

— Frank DeFelitta,
Bestselling Author of
Audrey Rose and The Entity


Chilling, convincing, compulsive reading … a terrifying adventure of the spirit.”

— Brad Munson,
author of Inside Men in Black II,
The Mad Throne,
and Rain


…and from readers on Amazon:

“Once you started, you just can’t stop reading.It is a precursor to Jordan’s Wheel of Time and other great writers. It’s excellent!”


“It is an awesome book!”

“You wouldn’t believe what is so hard to believe. Chilling, intense action, which never seems to let up!”


“Read it in the day, not at night. Trust me.”

“I’m an avid horror, supernatural thriller, mystery person. I watch as many movies and TV shows as I can find in any or all these genres and read books when I have the time. Amityville Horror: The Jones Journal actually has something for just about every one of my likes. It’s sort of based on a true story but also in a normal story form that makes it easy to read.

“A couple of years ago I found one of this author’s earlier books, based on the true story of that Lutz family that lived in Amityville. It was great and so when I saw an internet article about this newest book I went to Amazon and bought a copy. This one is about the author’s story, but I found it just as compelling and even better written.”

Anyone who likes horror, supernatural thriller books, with just the right amount of mystery sprinkled in, will love this book.

My advice: read it. But read it in the day, not at night. Trust me.”


“Actually, this book is very scary, but is more about the author and some of the bizarre things he went through while he was writing a number of New York Times bestselling books. I didn’t know, until I read this book, that he had written a number of books about The Amityville Horror, but after reading Amityville Horror Now: The Jones Journals I can see why. It’s a really well written novel and kept me glued to the page all the way through. It says it’s inspired by a true story, but I’m glad he wrote it in a novelistic style, made it an easy read. Also, if it’s true that it was inspired by real events, then John G Jones went through some very strange experiences. If any of the characters he has written in this book are actually even close to what he wrote, then I would definitely like to meet them.”



“At base, what I always look for is a good story. The author of The Amityville Horror Now says that most everything in the original book of Jay Anson was true, and even more, that the demonic power escaped from the house and he’s been chasing it down ever since.

“True? Who knows? He does such a good job hiding some of the details that you can’t possible track it down. But that’s okay. It’s still exciting, the characters are cool, the villain – a crazy Cockney guy who can burn things with his mind – and a very scary British exorcist especially.

“Some people are going to get all excited about whether or not this is a true story. I don’t know and I don’t care. It was just fun to read, and I like to think it’s based on truth. There are so many boring books about this same thing it’s nice to read one that’s a little bit like Ghosthunters International or even Ghostbusters, but still really could be true.

I thought it was good! Definitely worthy of 4 stars”


Everything you’d expect from a New York Times Bestseller!

This book was fantastic! Jones’ impressive writing style draws you in and keeps you there with suspense and terrifying imagery. I was fascinated by John’s experiences and the prospect of being followed by such evil. The true story aspect kept me asking,”could this really happen?” and if so, “holy s***, that’s scary!! I loved every minute of this book and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a good true horror story that you won’t want to put down!


” loved it from beginning to end

“From my point of view there are only three words to describe this book and it’s, OH MY GOD!!!!!!! i loved it from beginning to end, needless to say i have always been a huge fan of John Jones’s work, so i truly wasn’t surprised on how fantastic, thrilling and entertaining the book was! i will encourage others to read it and i cant wait to read the Amityville Horror Christmas!”