Thank you, Alice. May we have another?

The latest – and apparently the last – of the Resident Evil franchise just released a new trailer. This one’s called The Final Chapter, and we’re once against returning to the new completely ruined Raccoon City and its hordes of icky but still fast zombies. There’s the evil cyber-girl, the amazing stunts and by far the most important: Milla Jojovich.

And really, doesn’t anything else matter? Milla Jovovich.

The film series hasn’t even resembled the video game franchise since very early on; plots and consistency have never been RE‘s strong suit (how many clones of Alice are there?), and it doesn’t look as if any of the other characters or actors from the earlier films are returning this time (except the evil cyber-girl. She’s ageless.) And really…does it matter?

We repeated: Milla Jovovich.

She doesn’t appear to have aged a day since Alice first appear fourteen years ago. In fact, it’s will have been five years since we last saw Alice, and here she is again – thank God. Rumor has it that she’s made other movies, done other things over the years, but really all we know is that she’s stayed in great shape and apparently become a crackerjack motorcycle mechanic in her spare time. And even if there isn’t any plot or continuity in between the kick-ass action sequence, there are still a lot of kick-ass action sequences. And we can’t wait.

The world has ended all over again. The zombie have returned. It is, in fact … forgive us … Milla time.

Check it out:

by the way, Milla’s got an active (and very fun) Twitter and Facebook community. Join up at @MillaJovovich, and re-live her recent live Facebook chat here

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