… all over again.

Pennywise is, of course, the ultimate evil entity of the 1980’s, and even now, thirty years later (It was first published in hardcover thirty years ago — yes, yes, thirty years ago, in 1986). The TV version, years later, had lots of problems, but Tim Curry’s portrayal of the ultimate evil clown wasn’t one of them; it’s seared into the memories of a thousand-thousand children and young folks who still can’t get it out of their minds.

Until, perhaps, now. Bill Skarsgard is taking on the role for the remake, directed by the guy who directed the semi-successful Mama a few years back, and Entertainment Weekly has just released a couple new version sof the tweny-first century version. We are appropriately creeped out. It is sleek and seductive and wonderfully evil, and it somehow managed to make an impression without immediately harkening back to (or denying) the Eighties version.

We won’t get to see the full flick for a year or so, and surprisingly few people were excited about the idea of a remake. For good or will, he original film version is deeply embedded in a whole lot of psyches, and so far remakes of Stephen King stuff have not gone well (do we have to bring up The Shining? Do we?) But this actually gives us a little hope. And a few nightmares.

If you haven’t read IT in its original form, or if you haven’t done it this century … try again. Click here to order a copyThe new paperback edition has a crappy cover, but the guts are as great as ever, and you can get the Kindle edition for under ten bucks. You can rent or buy the 1990 mini-series on Amazon Video for as little ar $2.99, or buy it for under four bucks. And no, it hasn’t aged particularly well, though it is nice to see Harry Anderson again. And Seth Green was so cute when he was young and truly nerdy! (Beep beep, Richie). Whatever; it’s only four dollars. Besides, if you hate it you can always just chuck in down the nearest storm drain. Doesn’t matter.

Everything floats down here.

Finally: a full-body image of the new Pennywise. Sweet dreams…

Pennywise 2 

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