Amityville Now: The Jones Journal

For years, a team of remarkable people have been preventing the demon apocalypse. Now…the party’s over.

Amityville Now Jones Journal Kindle cover 2015 1000For the first time, John G. Jones begins to tell the story of what has been happening to him for more than thirty years: a continuing battle with the forces that were first released in Amityville, and continue to threaten the world, even now.

It begins in the present day, when a threat from the past — a madman John attempted to help more than thirty years ago — surprisingly and violently re-enters his life. It forces John and his remarkable team of investigators to revisit the original tragedy that occured shortly after his strange journey into the world of the supernatural began.

As always, John’s friends and colleagues stand ready to help: a beautiful and powerful white witch (and the love of his life); a cocky New Yorker with startling paranormal abilities, and an Australian aborigine with an awesome connection to the Dreamtime who may be even more than John ever suspected. Together, they reconnect with the elderly but still formidable Reverend Medhurst, uncovering old secrets and discovering a new power within themselves.

Want more buttonJohn and his people have known that there is a dangerous unknown world just a step away from accepted reality. They have worked together for years to counter the threats from that realm, from the power that re-entered our world when the evil force in Amityville escaped. And now they must face a new and unsettling truth

Evil never dies. It just changes shape.

The Jones Journal, inspired by John’s true story, is the first in The Light Warrior series, and it rings with hard-won but undeniable truth. It is a tale of courage and madness, hope and tragedy that will stick with you long after you’ve read the final page. And there’s more to come…


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