About AmityvilleNow.com and the peoples what makes it

AmityvilleNow is a gateway to the best (okay, and some of the worst) in horror, suspense, sci fi, adventure, and the supernatural…both real and imagined. And that means it’s two portals in one.

On one side, we’re all about the darker aspects of pop culture in movies, TV, DVD, even on line and at the conventions. Not everything that’s happening – we’re good, but we’re not the gods of the internet – but always with good humor, thoughtfulness, insight, and no small amount of sarcasm.

On the other side, we’re exploring the very real world of the paranormal – ongoing investigations, reports of hauntings, possessions, and otherworldly events, cryptozoology, alternative archaeology, the afterlife and the overmind – the unknown and the inexplicable that’s unfolding every day.

Staff and Contributors

AnalogStaticJohn G. Jones, Publisher and Visionary

After more than 35 years out of the spotlight, John G. Jones – best-selling author of Amityville Horror II, The Supernatural, his latest book, Amityville Horror Now: The Jones Journal, and so much more – has gathered together the team and set the tone for the daily operation of AmityvilleNow. “Fiction and fact are often mirrors of each other,” John says, “and sometimes we can’t tell which one we’re looking into—or exactly what we’re seeing.” As a paranormal investigator who loves good scary movies and TV shows, John sees AmityvilleNow as the home for like-minded souls who thrive on fact and fiction. So we cover both, from top to bottom.


BradBrad Munson, Managing Editor

An associate of John’s for roughly 2,100 years, Brad has been an writer, editor, journalist, publisher, broadcaster, marketer, and novelist in his own right since the 1970’s, with a terrifyingly encyclopedic and often erroneous knowledge of pop culture and 70’s TV theme songs.



HollisHollis: Movies, TV, Tarot & Asian Extreme

She knows far too much about scary movies, superheroes, Asian extreme  horror, and reading the tarot, and she’ll tell you so. Repeatedly. Also one of the hosts of our upcoming podcast, Found Footage, and our never-quite-completed YouTube channel. Without a doubt the most funnest person on the squad. Pay no attention to those rumors.





Alice: Anime & Gaming

Fresh faced, sweet-voiced, articulate, compassionate, and a stone-cold killer on the computer. Do NOT get in her way. But listen to/read what she has to say about the dizzying world of Japanese anime, cosplay in general, the internet in all its horrific glory, and what’s roaring toward you down the information superhighway, gamically speaking.



Liam 2Liam: Tabletop gaming, movies, and cosplay

He’s young, he’s dashing, he’s witty, and he has a way better deck than you do. Liam’s one of those geeky guys who started out goofy-looking and awkward and has unaccountably grown into a handsome and confident man who still loves his shameful pop-cult roots, and speaks openly and even proudly about tabletop gaming, cosplay fabrications, science fiction and fantasy films, and much more. He’s also way smarter than the rest of us, but don’t tell him.




angieAngie: All Things Hollywood

Born in Panama, raised in Hollywood, this artist/photographer/publisher/web mistress has built a cool site called SeFijaOnline and wormed her way into the hearts of stars and publicists all over Tinseltown. We reap the beneifts with interviews, red carpets, and screeners far more often than we deserve: our very own gateway to the best (and weirdest) of Hollywood.





You can reach any of the above as often as you like right here. We’d love to know what you think, what’s missing, what you want more of, and dating tips. No, seriously. It’s lonely being stuck in this tiny little box all the time.

AmityvilleNow is your double door to the world of the unknown. We’re glad you’re here, and we hope you like what we make for you!